Magna Trust is a financial company delivering private Investment Diversification Strategies to international partners for over 18 years. Our clients are provided with access to the world's leading financial centres across different Capital Markets and asset classes, whilst relying on a team of experts to support their investment decisions to the best of our ability. Starting up with an Equity Capital of over €3.5 million, Magna Trust placed growth as a priority from its early days, being today able to support its exclusive network of clients with a solid financial background and specialised know-how. Magna Trust Securities and Investment Services, S.A. is an official member of the Athens Stock Exchange, authorized and regulated by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission and compliant with both MiFID directive in Europe and the FATCA law in the United States. To know more about MAGNA TRUST compliance please read the Company Details.


Magna Team

Magna Trust has a team of qualified professionals and executives from the financial industry, providing bespoke services at an international level for over 18 years. Adding to the team’s expertise, Magna Trust promotes the continuous development of all staff through accreditations and seminars, to secure the high quality of their services and the fulfillment of all Securities and Exchange Commission’s standards. Magna Trust believes in a transparent, client-focused service as the best way to develop fruitful long-term relationships.


Vassiliou Christos
Tsaprounis Vasilis
Pavlopoulos George
Armaos Vasilios