Magna Trust is dedicated in building relationships based on mutual trust and respect, whilst providing clients with access to the world's leading financial centres and a premium customer service.


Foreign Exchange is the largest and fastest growing financial market in the world. With a daily volume over $5.3 trillion, FX offers endless trading opportunities, and possibilities of profit regardless of market direction.

Magna Trust gives you direct access to the Forex Market, where you can trade up to 77 FX pairs and 13 CFDs in a secure online environment.

With no dealing desk intervention, no interference in pricing and ECN spreads from 0.2 pips. Start trading with tight spreads, minimum slippage and unrivalled liquidity.


Binary Options are short-term predictions on how an asset will perform over a week, a day or less than a minute. If your prediction is right, you win. If it is wrong, you lose. This is what makes it so simple, fast and straightforward.

Magna Trust gives you the possibility to trade with the first platform to be listed on the London Stock Exchange, with 100% clarity on your risk and rewards before placing every trade. And so that every minute counts, Magna offers over 120 tradable assets and competitive returns from 30-second to 30-day trades.


Magna’s Order Execution Service enables our clients to place their trades from anywhere in the world with the confidence of having a S.E.C. accredited Account Manager at their disposal.

Magna Trust is committed to offering the best possible execution for every trade, with no conflicts of interest and under full regulatory compliance. The OES for transactions in the Greek Stock Exchange includes shares, derivatives, bonds and other titles. The international transactions include stocks, bonds, derivatives and commodities, working in cooperation with international institutions.


Our clients trust Magna's expediency and professionalism when they need assurance that their assets are safe.

Clients' assets are held and monitored effectively in an unobtrusive manner by an accredited team focused on minimizing clients’ risks. Magna also carries out the oversight of client's duties, ensuring compliance of all applicable procedures and regulations in a timely manner.

Magna's custodian services include

- Custodianship of titles.

- Collection of dividends.

- Collection of bonus shares derived through company decisions

- Execution of procedure for client's participation in share capital increases, and the subsequent

collection of shares derived from this process..


Magna Trust supports its clients when looking into widening their investment portfolio or strengthening their transaction capacity.

Magna's Credit Supply provides clients with Margin Accounts for their stock market transactions in the framework of the authorisation provided by the

Securities and Exchange Commission. Financing is provided through Magna's liquidity and funds or through the cooperation with major banks in Greece,

such as Eurobank and Attica Bank.


Magna Trust supports its clients from strategy development to the due diligences involved in closing new deals. Our advisory services are tailored to

address both companies and individuals' needs, respecting each industry and sector particular characteristics.

Magna Trust Advisory Services include:

- Introduction of companies in the Stock Exchange (IPOs)

- Advising on Equity Financing to increase companies' Shares Capital through public or private placement

- Advises corporate buyers and private equity investors throughout Mergers and Acquisitions' (M&A) process.